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Installing the Revolution Pool Cover is very easy. 
It should take no more than about 10 minutes and requires no special tools.
1. Start by unpacking the cover and placing it over the pool, black side up, such that the blanket is laying on the pools water and its edges are overlapping on to the pool surround / deck. 

2. Feel through the cover to the edge of the pool and mark the outline of the pool with chalk or a pencil onto the blanket allowing for any overhang due to the pools coping / edging. 
If using a pool reel, allow for any extra needed as per the pool reel instructions. 

3. Next, lay the cover out on a flat surface and trim the cover slightly bigger than the marked out lines, about 3 to 6cm in fine. Discard the off cuts and allow the blanket to rest on the water surface. There may be some fine trimming needed, to make the blanket fit precisely to the pool sides. When fitted correctly the cover should just fold up the sides slightly. We will have added a bit extra to the cover size to allow for this.

4. If your pool is fitted with water jets that return filtered water at surface level, then these need to be either aimed downwards or switched off. Surface level jets can dump gallons of water on top of the pool cover causing it to become swamped and / or push the cover across the pool. Additionally, if your pool is in a particularly windy location, or the water circulation at the surface is strong, then this can also cause the cover to move about. If this occurs on your pool, then adding a tether in each of the corners will prevent this and will hold the cover in its desired position.

The Revolution Pool Cover is compatible with all known deck based reel solutions.
If using a reel to stow the blanket when not in use, attach towing kits / reel straps as per the manufacturers instructions provided with such kits. 
If using straps, then we have found the 'mini holdon clip' (or equivalent) works very well at connecting between the cover and a strap.

Finally, allow the 'Revolution Pool Cover' to float on the water surface and let it start adding heat to your pool. 

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